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4D Sculpting & Meridian Facial

4D Sculpting & Meridian Facial

4D Sculpting & Meridian Facial



This is not difficult for natural detoxification and face slimming!
Urbanites are busy with work, irregular mealtime, lack of exercise, all symptoms will be reflected on your face!
How to deal with Acne、Pigments、「Dark circles under eyes(黑眼圈)」、「Worn-out chef lady(黃面婆)」、swollen face and neck?

Using the sacred tree from the distant forest - Japanese cypress, also known as "sacred wood(神木)" in Japan, its unique fragrance has alpha waves that can adjust the human brain, make you relax and unwind.
Combined with unique manipulations, from the sysbrows, the bridge of the nose, and round the eyes, press evenly on different acupoint, and do the meridian facial, in addition pressing the forehead and collarbone lymph, it seems like doing yoga to help the face resculpt the proper facial contour, and push the toxins to the lymph nodes under the armpits for expelling toxicant.


Effect :

Expelling toxicant

Relieving Allergic Rhinitis

Resculpt the proper facial contour

Dredge meridians


Special offer : $188/time (45mins)


*The treatment is only available for first time trial for new customers aged 18 or above
* Appointment date and time confirmation will contact you by phone within 2 working days. (*Subject to the appointment date and time confirmed by phone)
*BEAUTY OR BEAST reserves the right of final decision


Disclaimer: The results from treatment vary from person to person, subject to the individual body and health conditions, diet, level of self -management and number of treatments.