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AquaSure H2 Hydrogen Peel & Water Galvanic

AquaSure H2 Hydrogen Peel & Water Galvanic

AquaSure H2 Hydrogen Peel & Water Galvanic



AQUASURE H2 hydrogen cleansing is an innovative, original, Korean method of multi-stage skin cleansing. It consists in in-depth cleansing of the skin using several technologies: active hydrogen therapy, hydropeeling, acid exfoliation in premium preparations.

AQUASURE H2 not only deeply cleanses the skin at the cellular level, but also eliminates free radicals responsible for skin aging. Thanks to its low mass, it penetrates deep into the skin, where it combines with the most harmful oxygen free radicals, and then in the form of water it is removed from the body, stopping the aging process of the skin.


H2Patented technology for Water-Galvanic

Hydrogen-water is smaller than pore size to penetrate into pore to wash the wastes out and removing dead skin cell, And Hydrogen-water is supplied to the deep layer of skin for deep cleansing and moisturizing


S1Serum of Peel Off & Exfoliation

Contains AHA, Lactic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and a Variety of organic natural plant extracts, which can gently remove old keratin, effectively promote the detachment of dead skin cells and have a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect, improve dull skin tone and pigmentation, restore smooth and delicate skin, and strengthen the skin’s absorption of products.


S2Serum of Sebum Control

The use of BHA, Allantoin, Hyaluronic Acid and organic natural plant extracts can purify the pores of blackheads, pimples and oils, Etc., which able to soften dead cells, dissolve pore dirt, reduce acne formation, accelerate cell regeneration and wound healing, help to tighten pores, and restore smooth and delicate skin


S3Serum of Nutrition & Moisturizing

Containing a variety of organic natural plant extracts and moisturizing factors, it injects nutrients into the skin floor to replenish collagen, whiten and moisturize, repair fragile skin, and strengthen skin defenses.


Especially suitable for the following situations :

✓ Solving acne problem

✓ Removes peel off and brighten the skin

✓ Balances oil secretion effectively

✓ Deep pores cleansing

✓ Prevents pores trapped and tighten pores

✓ Balance the moisture and oil to soften skin


Special Offer : $380/time

*Special offer for Face only
*The treatment is only available for first time trial for new customers aged 18 or above
* Appointment date and time confirmation will contact you by phone within 2 working days. (*Subject to the appointment date and time confirmed by phone)
*BEAUTY OR BEAST reserves the right of final decision


Disclaimer: The results from treatment vary from person to person, subject to the individual body and health conditions, diet, level of self -management and number of treatments.