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HELIOS Ⅲ Unique Q- Switched Nd : YAG Laser

HELIOS Ⅲ Unique Q- Switched Nd : YAG Laser

HELIOS Ⅲ Unique Q- Switched Nd : YAG Laser



Two patent rights of 4G Technology


Covered different of Skin Lentigos & Melasma


The HELIOS III’s fractional 532nm Handpiece divides the origin beam into an 81 microbeam array with equal and uniform output over the projected area. This advanced technology allows higher fluence levels to be used in comparison to a bulk beam handpiece making it attractive to treating a wide variety of epidermal lesions.

This technological application lowers the risk of reactive hyper and hypo pigmentations and epidermal damage from occurring. Additionally, it is highly effective, when targeting red-colored inks for tattoo removal.

Capable of treating a wide array of treatment indications with the combination of dual wavelengths 1064nm and 532nm including five different modes (4G/3G/2G/1G/Free Running Mode) to choose from, physicians have an extensive range of treatment settings to customize treatments. This approach completely covers the entire melanin and oxyhemoglobin absorption spectrum.


4G Fractional
納秒飛點 532nm
3G Fractional
納秒飛點 1064nm
2G Collimated
1G Zoom 納秒飛點
Epidermis SpotDeep-seated Pigment SpotMixed Pigment SpotDeep-seated Pigment Spot
Lentigo、SunburnHormone PigmentsSkin RejuvenationLocal Lesion


〈榮獲美國FDA權威認證、韓國KFDA認可證書、歐盟國家規格CE安全認證、ISO 9001:2000及ISO 13485:2003〉


Suitable For:

Epidermis : Freckles、Senile Plaque

Deep-seated Pigment Spot : Melasma、Hormone Pigments

Oily Skin、Coarsepore 、Pimples

Wrinkles 、 Fine Lines

Tattoo 、 Microblading Eyebrow 、Eyeliner


Special Offer: $680/time

*Special offer for Face only
*The treatment is only available for first time trial for new customers aged 18 or above
* Appointment date and time confirmation will contact you by phone within 2 working days. (*Subject to the appointment date and time confirmed by phone)
*BEAUTY OR BEAST reserves the right of final decision


Disclaimer: The results from treatment vary from person to person, subject to the individual body and health conditions, diet, level of self -management and number of treatments.