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WINBACK energy is a high-frequency current operating at 300 KHz ,500 KHz and 1 MHz depending on the selected mode. This non-invasive current stimulates the body’s natural repair mechanisms, promoting cellular exchange. In combination with BEAUTY OR BEAST’s manual approach, it offers excellent rehabilitation results thanks to fast recovery of muscle and joint functions. It is a genuine physiological bio-accelerator.

Tecar Therapy differs from electro stimulation or ultrasound via the generation of a high frequency current which is non-invasive and natural for the human body. The frequency range developed by WINBACK allows precise targeting of different tissue layers (muscles, joints, bones, etc.), working on deep-set and painful conditions which were previously unresponsive.


Used by multiple professional organizations and countries

WINBACK has been recognized by 100 professional sports organizations and designated physiotherapy equipment in 25 countries, and is highly praised by international athletes! (Including : Royal Belgium Football Association, French Basketball Federation, British sprinter - Dwayne Cowan, Spanish tennis player - David Ferrer, 100m sprint gold medalist - Marcell)選手)


〈Obtained Food and Drug Administration(FDA) 、Korea Medical Device Registration and Approval Medical Devices(KFDA)、European Conformity (CE)〉


Suitable For:

Love of Beauty

People with edema and high body fat

Menstrual discomfort

People Sub-healthy


People suffering from pain

People keeping healthy

Sport Enthusiast


Special Offer $388/time

*The treatment is only available for first time trial for new customers aged 18 or above
* Appointment date and time confirmation will contact you by phone within 2 working days. (*Subject to the appointment date and time confirmed by phone)
*BEAUTY OR BEAST reserves the right of final decision


Disclaimer: The results from treatment vary from person to person, subject to the individual body and health conditions, diet, level of self -management and number of treatments.